2019 Interns

Internship Program

Students interested in accounting or tax are encouraged to apply for an internship with Quantax. The primary internship cycle runs during tax season from January to April.

Interns typically work 15-20 hours a week in a paid internship. Our program is well established and designed to give students hands on experience learning both tax and accounting. We have had a number of years of internship classes and have seen our interns go on to bigger roles both within our company and within other firms across the country.


  • Junior or senior class standing

  • Strong communication and customer service skills

  • Excellent critical thinking skills and ability to work and learn in a fast paced environment

  • Majoring in Business Administration (Accounting or Finance)

  • Interested in pursuing a career in accounting or tax

If you attend either San Diego State or Cal State San Marcos please click the image below and apply through your school's career services. If not or if you would like more information please contact us at careers@quantax.us. 

The Quantax internship really helped me become well-rounded in tax accounting. Being able to work on a file from start to finish allowed me to expand my knowledge of tax laws and led to a more thorough understanding of the process of a return. This was my first internship and it provided me with great experience and truly helped lay down the foundation for my career!
— Yolanda Songvilay, 2018 Intern - SDSU
Working at Quantax helped me get a better understanding of what it meant to work in the tax field and I gained hands on experience that I would never be able to get in the classroom. Additionally, working at Quantax opened doors for me so I could get other internships and gain more real-world experience.
— Lily Barrett, 2017 Intern - SDSU