QUANTAX, INC. is a professional accounting corporation that specializes in tax advising, consulting, and preparation by licensed Certified Public Accountants.  We strive to work with our clients, understand their individual situation, and provide year round support.  Our services include business consulting, corporate tax preparation, payroll tax preparation, and business controller services. We also offer personal, partnership, trusts, and estate tax return preparation and advisory services.

We officially incorporated in 2013 and have been organically growing ever since. Quantax is not your typical CPA/accounting firm. We help our clients become more knowledgeable about their individual situation so that they can make better decisions to improve their overall tax and financial position.  

Quantax is a CPA firm located in San Marcos, CA. 

When life outgrows just doing taxes,

We are your person. 


Business and Corporate Controller Services

Outsource your accounting department with our customizable levels of service. We can provide everything from monthly accounting to a full service controllership. Get back to running your business instead of doing the books.

We specialize in:
•Complete accounting solutions
•Targeted business planning and budgeting
•Executive reviews of financials
•Designing and implementing internal controls
•Support for on-site staff
•All tax filings, including payroll, property, sales, and income tax returns


Non-profit Advising Services

Did you know your non-profit is a business? Having an outside accountant provides your organization with consistency and training for volunteers and board members.

We specialize in:
•Tax filings required to start a non-profit
•Ensuring tax compliance to maintain non-profit status
•Independent 3rd party oversight for donor confidence
•Revenue generation models
•Short and long term budget projections
•Safeguarding of non-profit assets


Individual Tax Planning and Preparation

Are you getting what you need out of your current tax planning and preparation experience? We focus on year round support and have the experience required to handle complex tax situations. 

We can help with:
•Buying and selling personal and investment properties
•Foreign earned income & foreign bank account reporting
•Employer stock options and RSUs
•Multi-state earned income and filings
•Passive activity loss rules
•Tax preparation and planning to achieve targets