What do you need to prepare my return?

You will be provided with a tax organizer that will contain a list of relevant documentation necessary to prepare your tax return. This includes documents such as Form W-2 (Wages), 1099-MISC. (Other Income), 1099-INT (Interest Income), 1099-R (Retirement Income), Form HUD-1 (Real Estate Purchases), etc. Additionally, we will need any other information regarding deductions you may claim for medical expenses, childcare, charitable contributions, etc. 

For business returns we will need an export of data from any accounting software that you use or a hardcopy of your general ledger.

Supplementary documentation will be requested as needed in order to finalize your return.  

Do you accept referrals? 

Yes! We always welcome client referrals, please feel free to give out our information. 

How does the affordable care act affect me?

It depends. You are required to have health insurance for every member of your household for the entire year. Depending on income level and where you purchased the insurance, you may be eligible for a credit. It's important to answer the organizer questions carefully so that we can accurately assess you specific situation. More information on the affordable care act can be found here.

How quickly will my return be done?

The length of time a return takes to prepare is dependent on the complexity of the data we’re working with and the length of time it takes for us to receive all of your supporting documentation. In addition, submitting return data during a less busy time will result in less processing time. It is important to us that we meet any timeliness requirements you may have for your tax return preparation, and would be happy to further discuss return timing with you when we have the data we need to complete the process. 

What is your company privacy policy?

Keeping your personal information secure is of the utmost importance to Quantax and its staff. We do not share your information with any third party unless we have received previous written authorization from you directly. Before we begin any work on your behalf you will receive a copy of our privacy policy for your records. Additionally, you can use our secure portal from our Customers page to send and receive information, including everything we will need to complete your tax return.

Would I benefit from tax planning services?

There are many reasons to consider conducting a formal tax planning session whether you’re thinking of buying or selling a home, starting your own business or welcoming a new addition to your family. There are numerous major life events that could change the outcome of your tax responsibility in the future. Planning ahead will allow you to maximize your overall tax savings.

Are you authorized to electronically file returns? 

Quantax is a federally authorized e-filer for both business and personal returns. Many states also accept e-filed returns. Please contact us to discuss your e-filing needs further.